Art book – [ S_TILL ]

[ S_TILL ] – as a state of continuity, permanence

STILL life or STEEL – a cold, emotionless reality; passive, insensitive attitude

S(ilence) _TILL ( hidden meaning ) – an interrupted silence

An art book as an arrangement of experience, observation and reflection in the symbolic miniature. Flipping pages recalls discovering some planes of memory – hidden thoughts, repressed impressions of the world around us, the state of reality.

The choice of materials used in the book is not accidental, it is connected with the emotions that I wanted to present in a symbolic way. The book is heavy, like the thoughts it contains. The casing is made of sheet metal; phonetic similarity in the context of the project due to the word steel, it has to appeal to the emotions devoid of reality, passive, insensitive attitudes.

Carbon paper or fabric are to emphasize the ephemeral world. The weave of fibers is a tangle of accidents and relationships. Black sponge acts as a surface symbolizing degenerate reality – full of holes, full of cavities; unstable, brings to mind the loss of stability, falling into a bleak expanse of black – negative emotions and sadness . In the gray world devoid of color, silver plane becomes “a mirror of superficiality”. One-sided print leaves on each card a footprint of nothingness and dullness.

Ambiguous composition of words, phrases – is to draw the observer in a game (like the man in the modern world sometimes seems to be only a player).


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