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[1, ferry to Mallorca] the journey of the body (epidemic traces), photography by Agata Skupniewicz, 2021;
[2, ferry to Mallorca] stills from the video from the Planas Archive, 70s.;

The photography project at the intersection of vernacular, documentary and artistic representation, represents extensive, interdysciplinary considerations on the concept of the border. The “RE: al_l_ity” project collects documents and images from the Casa Planas social archive on Mallorca’s cultural heritage, but especially has taken photographs on the island’s natural heritage as a natural frontier. The contemporary landscape emerges in its dichotomy between the inside-outside, between the limit-access, addressing gray tones and liquid transitions. The project starts from the artist’s journey, that is of her body, in transit to Mallorca, objectifying the journey and the border (political, geographical, personal limits), also in terms of current emergencies and suspension of mobility in terms of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus occurrence.

Planas’ archives represent Majorca’s historical and cultural heritage from the 1950s-1970s, documenting the coast of the island and its transformations which occurred with the development of the mass tourism.

“RE: al_l_ity” cross traditional and modern dismension. It goes through classical imaging, objects, audio-visuals, participatory activities, to multi-sensory experiences, as well as use the of technological solutions like Augmented Reality (AR).

I have paid special attention on the nature as the primary island’s frontier and internal boundaries flows, addressing liquid transitions. The areas of my interest were the limitations designated to a man by nature and conversely, boundaries exceeded by a man, elements of nature’s power that back delimits. But also secondary boundaries – set and created by man (resulting from demonstration of strength, military or tactical action, separation of private, divisions building, as well as from perpetuated and repeated stereotypes).

sustainablity in art

The sustainable art concept was applied for this project; a conscious and consistent choice of the artist, influenced by both, the problem of overproduction in the art world and Majorca’s environmental issues.

I strived to minimize production within the RE: al_l_ity project for environmental reasons and at the same time the message enhancing. Most of materials and objects that I had been working on are reused and recyclable. There are to be found: photo prints on soda cans, objects created on the basis of items intended to be thrown away by the others, or evidently found as rubbish. All the frames used to prepare the exposition were obtained in second-hand spirit and non-commercially.


Project, concept and production: Agata Skupniewicz, 2021

Implemented within the framework of the LANDLIMO residency in collaboration with Casa Planas, FotoLimo Festival, RUIDO Foto and the Pyrenees-Mediterranean Euroregion

Additional support: the Adam Mickiewicz Institute (Poland)

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