[ S_TILL ]

[ S_TILL ] – as a state of continuity, permanence

STILL life or STEEL – a cold, emotionless reality; passive, insensitive attitude

S(ilence) _TILL (hidden meaning) – an interrupted silence


photography, Stills from the journey through the un_emotional world


I transform experience of presence accompanied by the feeling of alienation into a symbolic way. Presented frames, devoid of color deprives the created situation of any reality’s signs. They may not be very evocative at first glance – however they are driving for imagination. A sphere becomes a “guide” in the journey through the void of mechanical world.



Sterile, synthetic spaces are to show the ephemeral world, emphasize the instability and impermanence, passing, elusiveness and temporality of deaf space, giving the impression of traveling in the vastness of the vacuum resulting in a feeling of a broken dream-nightmare. Parallel attacks of irritating, psychodelic images – obsessively surround the viewer plunging him into a psychotic state. The viewer gets into the audiovisual ambush and has to get used to the attacking stimuli. His attention is directed by sound and becomes a subject of manipulation. Two screens located on the opposite sides base on the limitations of human vision’s perception. The impossibility to receive both images at the same time makes the viewer uncomfortable, feel lost. Applied effects constitute a trap that is to create a feeling of loss of balance, feeling the world slipping out of control. The specific structure of sound is to intensify the experience.


Author’s concept of the project’s presentation – cold, industrial interior, closing a circle in space, that completes the artistic idea.
(The Municipal Museum of Technology and Engineering, the tower of Pump Station “Stare Bielany”, Toruń – Poland)


The art book as an arrangement of experience, observation and reflection in the symbolic miniature. Flipping pages recalls discovering some planes of memory – hidden thoughts, repressed impressions of the world around us, the state of reality.

the miniature of reality


within the prison’s structure

the ruins of contemporaniety

the space that falls silent

The choice of materials used in the book is not accidental, it is connected with the emotions that I wanted to present in a symbolic way. The book is heavy, like the thoughts it contains. The casing is made of sheet metal; phonetic similarity in the context of the project due to the word steel, it has to appeal to the emotions devoid of reality, passive, insensitive attitudes.

Carbon paper or fabric are to emphasize the ephemeral world. The weave of fibers is a tangle of accidents and relationships. Black sponge acts as a surface symbolizing degenerate reality – full of holes, full of cavities; unstable, brings to mind the loss of stability, falling into a bleak expanse of black – negative emotions and sadness . In the gray world devoid of color, silver plane becomes “a mirror of superficiality”. One-sided print leaves on each card a footprint of nothingness and dullness.

Ambiguous composition of words, phrases – is to draw the observer in a game.


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