(ongoing, installation)

stills from Cache, 2021

Cache – video art, 1’ (in loop), 2021

We already took a staggering 380 billion photos in 2012, almost all of them digitally. One billion photos were taken in 2014. There were about 3.5 trillion photos in 2011, and the global photographic archive grew by some 25% in 2014.

[N. Mirzoeff]

A digital image is a binary system record that can be received in the form of an image or sound in a feedback loop. In presented video art, the sound was generated by computer-reading on the basis of information about the pixels that had made up one of the film frames. I had built the visual layer from about 1.7 million digital photos.

concept & realization: Agata Skupniewicz
sound – courtesy of Piotr Adamczyk

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